Holi is knocking on your doorsteps. Now your wait comes to an end if you are color lover. Most of us love colors but don’t play with them on the festivals due to the fear of hair damage, skin sensitivity and other health problems. Who love to play with beautiful colors can go without any fear and have fun on this Holi with your near and dear ones as well. Just ensure some Holi skin, beauty and hair care tips to protect them from any damage. In order to protect your skin from any damage due to color reactions, Almond oil prevents direct interaction of skin and colors with each other which protect the skin from any kind of color reactions.

Apply sun screen lotions to prevent direct sun exposure of skin. Before 20 minutes going out in the skin, apply any sun screen lotion which helps in protecting your skin from sun burns and heat. In case of dry skin, you should apply sun screen lotion for some time followed by some moisturizer. Apply some zinc based cream in order hydrate all your skin cells which avoids and prevents minor skin irritations and sunburns caused by chemical based harmful colors.

In order to calm your lips and prevent them from directly exposing to colors, you may use Vaseline or lip balms which work as a moisturizer for lips. Protect your eyes from harmful color impact. Keep them protective with glasses or goggles managing them a protection from sunglasses. Also, apply nail varnish to cure your nails and protect them from damaging with direct interaction with Holi colors.

Colors impact deeply into the skin and show severe damages even after weeks as well. So keep pre care tips in mind before going out to play Holi with friends. It is a colorful and most enthusiastic festival that brings many people close together. All people love to play Holi with colors like kids and make this festive entertaining by dancing and throwing water balloons, colors and using pichkari in India. Children have almost started playing with colors since weeks ago and now Holi Festival day will bring all young and old people to come together and to mix up in colors and enjoy endlessly for the full day.

Holi is celebrated for the victory of good things on bad ones. And Hollika is burned with fire every year to glorify the significance of Holi festival.Keep enjoying the festive season carefully and with happiness. Don’t throw colors on people who feel fear to them and spread love and fun on this auspicious occasion of Holi. UMPL India is wishing Holi best wishes to all of the visitors, readers and customers owing our products.. Stay tuned with UMPL India for Organic and Natural Products: http://umplindia.com