Rising obesity rates are major reason for many chronicle diseases. Weight management is the need of hour and it does not mean quick or temporary weight loss rather it means gradual weight control and maintain healthy equation of ideal body weight with  age, gender height i.e.-: BMI. BMI stands for Body Mass Index.

Few simple tips which can be followed easily in daily routine are-:

  • Keep the potion of each meal small and add mid meals in between main course.
  • Add more and more vegetables a fruits in the routine diet, especially before taking main course.
  • Eat whole grain a multigrain food as it increase satiety level and also the intake of nutrients.
  • Take apple cider vinegar before every meal. Originally, it was used as for salad dressing but now being used effectively for weight management as it helps to control blood sugar.
  •    Take Aloe Vera Juice positivism on an empty stomach for best results. Aloe Vera juice speed up the energy expenditure helps in reducing the accumulated body fat.

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