“The groundwork of all happiness is good wealth”

Leigh Hunt

Wealth without health is of no use. Wealth can only buy tantalizing food; flavors can be relished only if health will allow eating. Wealth can buy ticket to the dream destination; happiness can be experienced only if health will allow climbing, camping, trekking, swimming etc. So the commitment to good health is more important than accumulating wealth. We all are chasing happiness at cost of happiness. Now life has become the competition for being best. We all want to be best at home, best in school, best in office, best in looks, best in sports etc. But best in health is nowhere in our mind and thoughts. Do not forget the line “the groundwork of all happiness is good wealth”

Maintaining good health is most challenging task with today’s lifestyle. Our life is full of hectic schedules, stress, extended working hours and unhealthy eating patterns. Evaluation of current lifestyle is must, to ascertain what to set right one needs to know what is wrong. Healthy mind lives in healthy body.

Health comprises of physical and mental health both, which requires nutritious diet, regular exercise, personal hygiene, stress management and meditation. Adapting healthy lifestyles needs the willingness and commitment. Good health is the real blessing of God that needs to be nurtured daily with healthy life style. What we eat and what we do reflect on our body health and on skin health. Beautiful skin is reflection of good health only.

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