International Day of Happiness – 20 March 2018

On the occasion of world happiness day team of UMPL India wishes all to stay happy and keep smiling. Smile is the beautiful expression of happiness. Since smile is greeted with smile, a smiling face can makes the many to smile and spread the happiness and joy .

Rightly said by Louis Armstrong    “when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.”

A Smile can work wonders. Honest smile can turn a stranger into friend, doubt into trust and hatred into affection. So the gesture of smiling spreads happiness, love, hope and peace all around.

Reasons………..Why should we smile?

  1. A smile reduces the stress and boost happiness. Laughter is best therapy for distress and depression
  2. A smile boosts the immune system. Smile and laughter are the best release of our emotions and helps in building strong immune system.
  3. A smile costs nothing. Wearing smile on the face requires only the will …….nothing else .Smile is cost free marketing of one’s personality.
  4. A smile spreads happiness all around. If spreading happiness is an art the smile is the brush of an artist.
  5. A smile makes us healthier. According to the study of optimism, happiness is the key to good health.

UMPL India is constantly working on the dental health with an endeavor to bring the beautiful smile on the face to spread happiness. Dental health is comprehensive pack prepared with the goodness of clove, neem , babool, tulsi,mint and nirgundi and many more natural herbs  which cures all our dental problems related to toothache , gum swelling , foul smell and pyorrhea.

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So keep smiling as   “Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart”

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