Basil a holy herb in India is also known as Tulsi. It is a sacred plant commonly grown in the courtyard of all Indian houses especially Hindu people worship it as goddess. It is believed that nothing can please the Lord Krishna more than Tulsi. It is renowned as the holy herb not only in India but also in many other countries due to its magical healing properties. Surprisingly to most of us to know that it is also used commonly in Thai, Italian and Indonesian cuisines for its wonderful flavors.

Tulsi plant has so many wonderful health benefits which are discussed below:

  • It prevents Cancer. Tulsi 5 + helps in damaging the cancer symptoms and infected cells from the human body and prevent the causes to expand the cancer in skin, liver and lungs.
  • Skin, liver and a lung cancer means more to them and it helps the cancer patients to recover after chemotherapy.
  • It cures respiratory disorders. UMPL India’s Tulsi 5+ with honey works effectively like a magic for throat and respiratory infections.
  • Treats Fever Cough Cold – UMPL Tulsi 5+has its antibacterial properties that help in healing common cold and cough infections in the human body. It extracts the mucus and makes the nose opened with its calm properties on cold infections effectively.
  • It works as a great healer for fever as it has the property to maintain the normal temperature of human body. Tulsi plant is an adaptogen to get relief from diverse range of health problems at the same time.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety. It helps in keeping the mind calm by reducing the level of caritsol – a stress hormone.
  • Fights infections – Tulsi 5 + is enriched in high anti bacterial properties which helps in fight against infections and boosts up immune system.

The daily intake of Tulsi 5+ works like magic for recovering common health problems like mouth infections, skin disorders, headaches, sore throat infections and recovering kidney stones as well.

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