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Sales & Distribution

UMPL has a wide sales network not only in this country but also in many country of the world and it is pacing fast every wall due to its products quality & purity. UMPL operates through its franchise & distributors in many states of india with the growing and increasing demand from its customers, more and more such outlets are being set up with rapid speed to meet the demands.
The company has redistribution network conducted by its devoted team under sales personal by an area sales manager in every territory in case of need another group of area sales manager with rich experience holder are being appointed to push the sale forward. In brief, the redistribution channel and the infrastructure is the brain work of the company.
The success of UMPL is not limited to national barriers but has entered in to international market to export its products to many countries like Gulf & European countries.

Our Distribution:

Sales and Distribution


The company's Head Office is situated of Batala (in the state of Punjab) and its manufacturing unit is in Ludhiana. The company has received certification for "Quality Management System" by ISO 9001:2008 and "International Quality Excellence Award" by Deputy Prime Minister Of Thailand.The plants are well equipped with modern and state of the art machineries controlled and managed by qualified and experienced technicians.

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